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Marcel Dybner

Head of Property Management
Meet Marcel Dybner, Head of Property Management at Besser & Co. It is likely you have seen his name before – the byline attached to knowledgeable articles in industry publications, or perhaps quoted as the property expert in local newspapers, Smart Company Magazine, Business Insider or His secret to success is simple: it all comes down to hard work and communication.

Committed to a career in real estate, Marcel strives to deliver superior service through constant communication with clients, achieving excellent rental returns and the best results possible. His drive, along with his ability to communicate both with and between parties in an approachable manner, provides Marcel and his clients with a competitive market edge. Over the past five years, Marcel has established himself as the go-to property management expert, building a dedicated following of clients who confidently refer friends and family.

But just because he is a qualified real estate agent with a knack for property investment, doesn’t mean Marcel is finished learning. He’s also committed to on-going training, believing that constant self-improvement is important both for him and his clients, who describe him as an “energetic and highly motivated career property professional” with an approach that gets results. He adopts a proactive approach to property management – remaining empathetic and committed – but he’s not afraid to let his sense of humour out either. Marcel respects self-made heroes. People such as Steve Jobs and Richard Branson, who epitomize determination and innovation, inspire Marcel’s results-driven attitude.

With a work ethic founded on energy and enthusiasm, it’s little surprise Marcel channels his spare time into – well – work. That’s what happens when you genuinely enjoy your job. When he’s not working, Marcel is checking out new restaurants with mates and honing his soccer skills, despite writing an article for Business Insider last year titled,
Why Real Estate Agents Failed The Industry By Holding Auctions On AFL Grand Final Saturday. Experience and real estate approach aside, Marcel displays qualities that every person in property management should have: flawless communication skills, reliability, preparedness, loyalty and honesty. But above all, Marcel Dybner makes an effort to understand the person behind the property.
Marcel Dybner

Contact Marcel Dybner

Phone. 0401 062 523